RSS as a service

providing RSS feeds for sites that do not provide RSS feeds

about this service


there are several different "types" of websites which we have to process in different ways as you can read hereunder. the feeds consist of the "title" and links e.g. to youtube with that "title" as search phrase.

all content in an unordered list

this is basically what OUYA provides which is not helpful if you are looking for the latest games. what i wanted to know was when a new game was released, which you can not tell from the lists provided. so we take the full list and compare each entry with our database and if a new one is found it is added to the list.

two weeks new content list (work-in-progress)

others provide "news"-sites with a list of the latest additions (e.g. today a list of "apple", "pear", "cherry"). in two weeks they replace that "news"-site with another list (e.g. then the list contains "orange", "cherry", "cucumber"). this list may also be scattered accross several pages. in real life those pages consist not only of three elements as with this example, but 20 to 120 ... this is not yet fully implemented but will be "soon"tm ...